Al Sharafi Group

ESC Al Sharafi Steel LLC

ESC Al Sharafi is newly established venture that is involved in designing, producing and installing sheet pile systems. This venture carries the experiences of ESC as a global sheet pile supplier since the late 1980's, and Al Sharafi Group a leading Gulf Industrial Group with diversified activities focused in fields of transportation, oil and gas services, building and infrastructure development, agricultural contracting, tourism, it management, building material manufacturing, construction, and financial & trading services.

The amalgamation of these 2 companies bridging EsC's patented sheet piling technology and know how with Al Sharafi groups client network and fleet of steel and infrastructure products yields a strong union in the business and the Gulf region.


ESC AL SHARAFI produces a wide range of sheet piles and retaining wall solutions in order to cater for virtually every sheet pile application, including;

  • High strength combi wall systems for deep water quays
  • Cutoff piles for dewatering cofferdams for underwater bridge piers
  • EU piles for permanent bridge abutments, river and canal training works
  • Wide profile piles for deep basement works
  • U piles for temporary hard ground sewerage shafts
  • Custom piles for oil tank farm containment walls
  • Trench piles for pipeline works
  • CR pile for temporary construction works
  • Grouted cutoff piles for polluted ground water containment